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Have you ever wished your electric fence could talk to you?

What if your electric fence could tell you…

  • blackberries or grass were shorting it out
  • a branch has fallen across it
  • your animals has been testing it again
  • its voltage is low
  • your battery is low, or dead!

The FenceMinder can bring a message from your fence right to your smart phone!

Be the first to know when you have an issue with your fence – before you get a call from your neighbor!

How does it work?

image describes how fenceminder works -
one or more fenceminder devices installed on your fence communicate with the cool blue device company base station located in your home.  The base station communicates any issues to an app installed on your phone.

It’s that simple!

FenceMinders can reach your Cool Blue Device Company Base Station from 3 miles away, and have an estimated battery life of 5 years. The Base Station can reach your phone over the internet anywhere in the world to keep you informed of any issues with your fence.

The FenceMinder is expected to be released for purchase in July of 2020.

Fill out our questionnaire on the home page to tell us how you would use a FenceMinder, and enter your name in a drawing for a free one!

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